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Through The Years, Company Remains
"Family Owned Business"

The Fleetwood Building Block Company was founded in 1949 by Herbert D. Adams and his wife, the former Elda M. Krick. The business was located at the rear of 16 North Franklin Street, on the corner of Myrtle and Coal Alleys, Fleetwood.

The block business started in a little wooden shed, on the former Charles Schlegel property, with a one-block machine, which was tampered by hand. About twelve 8x8x16 blocks were made in an hour. The first blocks were used for the block garage on the corner of Myrtle and Coal Alleys, which is standing yet today. Orders increased to the extent that a large block machine, with a vibrator was purchased, that allowed fifty blocks an hour to be produced. By this time, orders increased again requiring more production and a new location. A five-acre tract of land on the west side of Willow Valley Creek and West Main Street, was bought from Mrs. Martha Hammond, of New York. Thus, the present location of the company.

With the purchase, of this land, a structure 40’x60’ was built in 1952. Production was begun with a one-block machine. As sales out-grew the supply, a two-block, plain pallet machine requiring manual operation was purchased. This machine made it possible to make three hundred, of the original size blocks per hour. In 1956, a two-block, plain automatic machine was purchased to take care of the growing business. Additional employees were hired and an office building and facilities, for increased production, were built. Production was now running about five hundred blocks an hour. Also, at this time, two flat body trucks, for delivery purposes, were acquired. By 1964 production was increased to eight hundred blocks an hour and the first boom truck, for unloading, was purchased.

The company incorporated in 1974. At present, the company employs 4 office personnel and 3 yard men.

Today, the youngest son, Dale is Owner of the corporation and is married to the former Diane Myers. Dale oversees everyday operations of the corporation.

In addition to the concrete building blocks, the company also sells a variety of other building supplies. These include Bag Cement, Sand, Angle Iron, Flues, Concrete Lintels, Dur-o-wal, Anchor Bolts, Dampers, Environmental Stone, Patio Blocks, Pavers, and Retaining Wall systems. Material is sold to Contractors, Lumber Companies, other Block Plants and do it yourself customers. The company continues to expand its product line periodically to meet the needs of their customers.

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