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The cut, color, and craftsmanship of Fleetwood Block paving stones transform a house into a home. From a stunning new driveway to an elegant poolside and entertaining patio, from artful steps to picturesque walkways, our wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns complement every architectural motif and can make any landscape design possible.

The design and cost of your project is determined by the style, texture, and pattern of the brick paver stone selected. Other items to consider are the accessibility, existing material onsite, size, and elevation.

We are experts in the design and creation of a patio, sidewalks, driveways, and entries. With our assistance, you are sure to put a unique and personal stamp on the landscape accents of your home

Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns, your Fleetwood Block installation is sure to complement the natural lines, elevations, and shape of your property.

Brick paving is proven to pay dividends as an investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Pavers, or the “hard landscape”, forms the backbone or framework of your yard and garden. The hardscape makes up the permanent, physical structures that are surrounded by trees, grass and plants. The hardscape includes the patio, deck, walkways, retaining wall and shade structures.

“Hardscaping is the most important thing in the yard. It’s your outdoor living space. It should come first, before planting, pergolas, lighting and all else.”

The amount of pavers versus planting can vary depending on the yard’s size and how the homeowners want to use their outdoor space. People who love to entertain may want large paved areas. Raised planters, rock, boulders and plants can be added to soften the look and break up the hard surfaces. In small back yards and condominiums, the hardscaping is often dominant to maximize usable space.

Pavers done well will link a home's outdoor living areas with the indoors. It provides boundaries and can carve out spaces for outdoor rooms and relaxation.

Having a comprehensive plan is best. Landscape designers say many homeowners make the mistake of tackling a large yard renovation project piecemeal, without an overall plan, design or theme, and working around existing trees or plants. This can result in a yard that is a hodge-podge of disjointed paved and planted areas that don’t match or flow.

Our definition of hardscapes is work in the concept of artistry, and a long term increase in the value of your home.

The right paver elements can improve the appearance, value and function of your landscape. It can turn the natural features of your property into a living space or transform that impossible slope into a terraced showplace. Fleetwood Block can develop your ideas into solid plans and show you possibilities you never imagined.

Easy selection. Easy ordering. Easy delivery.

We back every product, for every job, with superior customer service, on-time delivery and unsurpassed ease in selection and ordering. That’s the promise of Fleetwood Block. With the most extensive manufactured product line in Berks-Lehigh County, we are a complete solution for your hardscape needs—from pavers to retaining walls and erosion control. And you can be sure that the hardscape products you order from Fleetwood Block will be consistent and coordinated in terms of color, quality and composition for easy success, every time.

* Color Disclaimer

Pavers and Walls are made from natural materials and variations in shade are normal. As shading may vary, and photographs do not precisely reflect actual color, we urge you to view actual samples of product prior to making your selection.


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